What do employers not want to see on a resume?
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Date Posted: 23 Julio
A famous quote by Andrew Gran “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
• Grammatical errors
• Excess white space on your resume
• Use of elaborate colors and fonts
• Use of the same verb twice at the beginning of a new phrase
• Unclear sentences.
The first and most important step in any job search is always the submission of a CV. Whether you’re starting a brand new career or you’re getting back on the job market, your resume can make or break your job search.
Your resume is the ‘face’ of your application, and it is your first impression to recruiters and hiring managers, so it has to be attractive to ensure that you will be remembered and considered for the job.
Recruiters have to get through thousands of resumes in a short time. As per the study conducted by job-matching service, The Ladders revealed that recruiters spend just six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether or not a candidate is ideal for the job they are trying to fill. This means your resume should be formatted in such a way that it will create a lasting impression on the hiring manager within that 6 seconds.
What to do they look at during those brief six seconds?
Employers spent around 80 percent of that time on particular data points such as name, education, current title/company, previous title/company, previous position start and end dates, current position start and end dates. So that little piece of paper needs to stop them in their tracks.
What is exactly you should do to turn your resume from an autobiography that no one finishes to a lean, to efficient 1-pager that lands you interviews right and left & What do employers don’t want to see in resume..?
Answer is- Anything that doesn’t help them towards that goal or that complicates the process, such as:
They do not want to see a messy and untidy resume.
This is a real turn off for recruiters because they cannot find the information they want quickly. The best approach is to be as clear and concise as possible. Mention your name, present position and then relevant experience by mentioning the posts you have held. Make sure you put in start and finishing dates and use bullet points to mention responsibilities and main achievements.

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