Prakash Jhunjhunwala and Co. LLP are one of the Top Audit Firms in Mumbai have several clients which are Subsidiaries, Associates or Joint Ventures of Multinational Corporations. The foreign holding companies originate from across the globe, including United States of America, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and so forth.

Many of these companies require us to provide our statutory audit services and assurance with respect to restated financial statements in terms of global reporting packages by applying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP) and International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) in their respective country.


• Under the Companies Act
• Under the Income Tax Act
• Under IFRS applicable to different countries
• Under other regulatory and tax statutes
• Overseas subsidiaries of Indian companies

Our Certifications

• Under Government directions
• Financial Due Diligence
• Business Valuations
• Share Exchange Ratios
• Issuing Comfort Letters & Arrangement Letters for Indian/foreign listings

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