We are ardent fans of Tally accounting application developed by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. Tally has been a pioneer and a market leader in accounting applications since more than 2 decades. We believe that Tally is the most flexible and convenient accounting application in the world and no other accounting application can provide the experience that Tally solutions does.

Making best use of the integration channels provided by Tally, we at Finsights aspire to offer the users with state of the art functionalities on top of Tally Accounting Application.

Developed for Tally users, Finsights is an extremely User Friendly platform which makes reviewing transactions 100 times faster. Finsights is a collaborative platform that allows accountants, chartered accountants and entrepreneurs to work on a single platform. It is a highly interactive tool both Tally on Mobile and Tally on Web, for your daily accounting activities. With Finsights, Tally users can instantaneously access data online from anywhere.

Real-Time Data and Reports from Tally on Mobile

• Make Data Entries from Mobile and Sync with Tally

• Create GST Compliant Invoices

• Send Outstanding Reminders to your Customers

• Get Custom Transaction and Expenditure Alerts from Tally to WhatsApp

• Get Sales Registers, Purchase Registers etc. on WhatsApp

• Analytical Reports from your Company Tally Data

• Unlimited Users

• Collaborate with your Auditors

• Audit Board for review of your Accounts

• Manage Inventory

• Invoice Customization

• Upload Unlimited Documents to your Tally Data

100 % Data Encryption and Security

Access your Tally Prime and Tally ERP data from Mobile. Finsights is Tally on Mobile solution for Modern Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants and Auditors. With Finsights app for Tally on Mobile, you can Access, Audit, Analyze and Post transactions from anywhere which sync with Tally on real time basis with both Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime on mobile and web. Finsights also has an Audit from Anywhere Application for Chartered Accountants.

If you use Tally Accounting for your Business, then using Finsights you can access your Tally Data on mobile anytime, anywhere.

Make Data Entries from Mobile and Sync with Tally. No matter where you are working from, you can simply add data in Finsights Application that syncs with Tally on real-time basis

Keep a track of your debtors and their outstanding amounts through “Customer Credit Limit” alert feature on WhatsApp. With this, you will be immediately intimated once your customer reaches his credit limit, and you can instantly Send Outstanding Reminders to your Customers

Get Custom Transaction and Expenditure Alerts from Tally to WhatsApp. Set your expenditure and transaction limits and as soon as these limits are crossed in Tally, you will receive alert on your WhatsApp. Simple and easy way to get information from Tally to WhatsApp

Get Sales Registers, Purchase Registers etc. automatically from Tally to WhatsApp

Create Professional Invoices with Tally on Mobile with multiple themes, including advanced GST invoice creation. With this, you can also create GST Compliant Invoices. You can directly create these invoices, add QR code for payment and upload signature or simply sign manually through our application and upload it on the invoice and share with your customers and vendors through WhatsApp and Gmail.

Analytical Reports from your Company Data

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Experience your entire Tally Data on Tally on Mobile in User Friendly formats for Entrepreneurs. The app is secure and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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