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Date Posted: 09 Octubre
Issue 6: Printer isn't printing from the normal paper plate
To address this specific blunder, look on the printing PC, and on the Printer. In the event that the application is set to print to an inappropriate paper plate, right it inside the application by tapping on Printer Properties and Tray Selection source. Check the Printer settings and ensure that the paper measures in the control board coordinate the size in paper plate.
Issue 7: Printer gets all the paper from the manual feed plate instead of one sheet
The cushion that is in charge of isolating the paper has likely exhausted and should be supplanted. You can mastermind and introduce another pad without sending the Printer out for fix. There might be plausibility that the paper is wet because of stickiness. Guarantee the paper is properly secured and that it is "fanned" before setting it into the Printer.
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henry jurk
henry jurk

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