Risk management services provider in mumbai
Location: Mumbai - Maharashtra
Date Posted: 09 Agosto
We are a leading Risk Management Services provider in Mumbai, offering a wide range of Risk Management Services like auditing, IT, fraud analytics, Risk assessment, financial Management and much more. We are a diversified team of Risk Management professionals, working across the lines of business across Prakash Jhujhunwala & Co. LLP operations such as banking, investment, insurance. The Risk Management Services provided by us are as follows:-

- Internal Management Audit
- Compliance Review
- Process Validation
- Revenue Assurance
- SOP Manuals

To know more about us, please just move to https://prakashjhunjhunwala.com/our-Services/Risk-Management-Services/
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05, Jolly Bhavan No.2,7, New Marine Lines,Churchgate, Mumbai 400020, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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