Tata AMC has introduced a new open-ended equity scheme called Tata Focused Equity Funds. The scheme is suited for individuals who are looking to invest in equity-oriented schemes with long term wealth creation in mind. Suited for long term capital appreciation, the scheme will invest in a concentrated portfolio of 30 stocks selected across industries and market capitalizations.

Fund Overview:
Tata Focused Equity Fund is a concentrated fund aiming to generate returns by investing in growth stocks across market caps and sectors. With a bottom-up stock picking approach, the fund aims to carefully analyze and invest in compounding stocks following the GARP - Growth at Reasonable Price philosophy.
The fund endeavors to create Long term wealth by buying businesses that can compound at a reasonable rate over a longer period of time. The allocations in Tata Focused Equity Fund will be a function of the risk-reward opportunity a stock has to offer. The top conviction ideas would have adequate representation in the portfolio.

Being an equity-oriented scheme, this fund is best suited for investors looking for accelerated wealth creation in the long run.

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