Introduction of .Net Framework

.Net is a technology introduced by Microsoft in late 1990's which is used to develop secure, reliable, flexible and portable applications as per the client requirement using .Net Framework.
.Net Framework has two core components:
Common Language Runtime
CLR is known as Common Language Runtime engine basically used to execute the application.
CLR provides us different services like
Memory Management
Exception handling
Type safe execution
Memory Management:
.Net framework uses Garbage Collector engine to allocate and de-allocate the memory based on references read by program. Garbage Collector is designed to manage and control only heap area where by it stores all reference type of Data types
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Exception Handling:
While execution of any application can possibly throw an error, which is known as Runtime Error. Hence .Net Framework provides an engine which takes care of such scenario. Instead of stopping the application abruptly in the middle of execution, the engine diverts flow and takes the appropriate action.
Type safe execution:
.Net framework helps to develop the application with two different types of data type that is Value type and Reference Type. In execution of any application data moves from stack to heap or heap stack in such scenario the engine the ensure the type safe execution.
.Net provides the flexibility to develop the application using two languages that is C-Sharp and VB.Net which gets convert into MSIL code which is also known as managed code targeted by CLR.

Foundation Class Library:
.Net Framework has given us huge sets of class library. This library contains huge sets of classes, interfaces, enumerations, events in form of value types, reference types which provides the different functionalities to develop the application. It is an API which is collection of classes, events, interfaces, attributes which are categorized in different namespaces. Namespaces are logical boundary for the predefined types. This library follows all the rules and norms defined under CLS – Common Language Specification.
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