Nandaboi - I create video contents. I also make comedy videos, roasting videos and entertainment videos on YouTube. Please watch these videos in free time so that you can put down your valuable remarks regarding my work. This will be very much important for me because there is always room for betterment. I am committed to show my entertaining skills to the viewers of my channel.

A simple video can make a change a persons view of a certain subject, that person can continue to change other people’s opinions and so on.YouTube as a whole can be highly influential and can possibly change how the world views on different affairs. One single video has the potential to change world topics if it’s taken seriously and the right ... ... middle of paper ... anything. This can be used as a tool to make slow but good changes to society and eventually change everything for the better. The internet is often overlooked as there is often accounts of negative news stories related to it. However, with more and more people becoming successful because of the internet, why is it you never hear about it ?
Many people think differently about YouTube, some people think that it has an immoral effect towards society, but it actually has a positive effect towards society. YouTube is given a negative impact towards society by all of the immature people on it. It has many education and funny YouTubers on it so it can be entertaining.
YouTube can be entertaining by people doing funny skits/videos. Many YouTubers gain their fame by being funny and posting often. As a result, people think YouTube is entertaining partly by the funny people and videos online.


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