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Date Posted: 09 Octubre
To determine this, complete a brisk Printer individual test. Check the present Printer settings. On the off chance that Economies is on, turn it off. Set the print thickness higher. In the event that the toner is low, evacuate the cartridge; shake it to redistribute the toner more. This progression will settle the issue until you can supplant the cartridge.
Issue 3: Ghosting
Ghosting is where the picture prints appropriately, however the prints are light and can't be perused. This can be because of an issue with the electrical plug that is providing capacity to the Printer. To determine this, check the electrical plug by connecting an alternate Printer. The issue can likewise be caused when drum or imaging pack are close to the part of the bargain settle this, you'll have to supplant those parts and check in the event that it wipes out Ghosting issue. In the event that still the issue happens, you can contact Support for Printer on the numbers given beneath.
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