Midi Keyboard

Brand: Yamaha
Type: Portable keyboard
Width: 945 mm
Height: 132 mm
Weight: 4.9 kg
Ultra Wide Stereo
More Advanced Y.E.S
High Quality Voices & Styles and Digital effects
Music Database
Easy Recording
Connectivity to PC$ Portable Grand Button
Auto Power Off mode with adjustable timer
Number of Keys: 61
Type: Organ Style
Display Type: Custom LCD
Size: 92 mm x 32 mm
Panel language: English
Tone Generation: Tone Generating Technology, AWM Stereo Sampling
Number of Polyphony (Max.): 32
Pre-set number of voices: 113 361 XGlite 13 drum/SFX/SE Kits
Featured Voices: Sound Effect Kit
Compatibility with GM: Yes
Compatibility with XGlite: Yes
Types: Reverb 9 types and Ultra Wide Stereo Functions
Panel Sustain: Yes (in menu)
Number of Pre-set Styles: 100
Fingering: Multi
Style: Control Intro, main x 2, fill-in, ending
User Styles: Yes
Music Database: 100
One Touch Settings (OTS): Yes
Number of Pre-set Songs: 102
Number of Songs: 5
Number of Tracks: 2

Advertiser: Particular